Health and Fitness – Walk Your Way to Fitness

Do you remember your first tottering steps? Then you felt steadier and the steps turned more into a run and soon nothing could hold you down, you were up and away – you could walk! How much walking do we do as we grow into adulthood? Sadly the number of people who spend most of the day sitting down continues to rise. Buy you could make a difference to your health and fitness, start walking to feel good.How exactly does walking help us stay healthy and fit? Tons of research and various studies have been conducted, all reaching the same conclusion, walking helps to control diabetes and heart trouble, reduces high blood pressure, increases longevity and so much more. What is important is that feeling of health and fitness you get as you walk.Walking as an exercise does not require any great investment, I would say investment is practically zero except for a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in. Carry your socks with you when you go shopping and wear them when trying on the shoes, which should be comfortable to move about in. It is recommended that you start off slow, walk to warm up and gradually increase your speed. Set a pace that you are comfortable with and keep to it, there’s no marathon to be won.Some of the health and fitness benefits associated with walking are detailed below to give you the impetus you need to start walking.
Many of us experience symptoms of depression and stress from the fast paced, highly pressured lives we live. When you walk for approximately 30 minutes a day you will find that feeling of depression being lifted.
It would be great to improve the functioning of our minds and you can do this with walking as studies have shown. Walking for approximately 2 hours a week will help you improve your thinking and reasoning powers. In simple terms the brain begins to function better!
Walking improves your physical functioning, as well as your cardiac and respiratory functioning and helps to prevent many of the ailments associated with aging
Medically the benefits of walking have been proven time and again to help prevent type 2 diabetes through weight loss; strengthen your heart, prevent coronary problems and improve mortality rates. You can prevent cancers from attacking your body and increase bone density.
Why not begin walking your way to a healthier and a fitter life – it’s free!

Health and Fitness Clubs – The IHRSA Passport Program

Have you heard about the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association) Passport? Read on to find out all about the industry’s largest reciprocal-access guest program covering health and fitness clubs in over 50 countries. The way it works, if you travel a distance of 50 miles or above away from your home and if your gym is a member of the IHRSA program you will be allowed access to over 3000 health clubs in over 50 countries.You will have a sticker on your gym membership card that identifies you as a member of the IHRSA. Some of the health clubs charge a reduced guest fee for passport members, while others waive the fee entirely. You can always call to find out before visiting the club.Given below is the kind of information that will be useful when you travel and need to use the health and fitness clubs.o When you plan to visit a club in the area you are travelling in you will have to have with you your health and fitness club membership ID with the IHRSA sticker or a picture ID and the passport sticker or a passport ID card and picture ID. The only way you can get passport ID is through one of the participating clubs because IHRSA does not issue ID material to individuals.
o When you plan to travel you can always go online to and find participating health and fitness clubs in the area you plan to visit.
o Your IHRSA passport is program is valid internationally and you have over 3000 health and fitness clubs in over 50 countries that are participating in the program and that you can visit. It would appear that no matter where you go in the world you are sure to find a participating outlet.
o Your IHRSA passport program is meant for short term use at the health and fitness clubs and long term stay will depend on the club in question’s policies and procedures.
o When you relocate you cannot transfer your membership to another passport club, this program provides only guest privileges at the participating health and fitness clubs.
o Your club has to give you the passport ID card and sticker; it is not available anywhere else.To summarize the IHRSA Passport Program:
o Not all IHRSA clubs participate in the passport program; it is entirely up to the health and fitness clubs to participate or not.
o Only IHRSA club members can participate in the passport program.
o Your IHRSA Passport is valid only at clubs 50 miles and above away from your club.
o As a guest at another club you should respect the rules and regulations of that club in terms of fees, timings, visitation frequency, etc.
o You may have to pay a guest fee depending on the club’s rules; some clubs don’t charge a guest fee.
o Your IHRSA passport is valid at health and fitness clubs overseas; you can check the website for countries and locations.

9 Overlooked Health and Fitness Tips

What are the best health and fitness tips? There are tons and tons of diets and exercise regimens online and in magazines.It really can get overwhelming after a certain point. Here are nine simple tips to get you on the road to better health shortly:#1) Focus on developing one habit at a timeIf both your diet and exercise habits need changing, just pick one and focus on that. Do not try to tackle both at once. The success rate for trying to develop two habits at the same time is very low.Then try to stick with your activity for for thirty days. Studies have shown that this is how long it takes for a habit to form. This is how to develop healthier habits.#2) Exercise vigorously Few things will make a difference in your overall health and mental outlook as exercise. In particular, intense workouts are the most effective.Yes, it’s true that walking is better than doing nothing. However, sprinting is better still. Vigorous exercises have more health benefits.They are superior for losing weight and seeing strength gains. In other words, ten minutes of sprinting beats forty five minutes of slow jogging any day.#3) Stay active throughout the day Also focus on staying active throughout the day-not just during your exercise time. This is particularly important if you sit a lot for work.Simply getting up and doing pushups or jumping jacks every fifteen to twenty minutes will make a huge difference in your attitude and mental focus. Quick bursts of activity throughout the day are very important for staying alert and being productive.#4) Keep it fun A lot of people hate their exercise regime, which is why they ultimately quit. The key is making it enjoyable. This will help you become more motivated to exercise.One thing you might want to do is take up a sport you’ve always wanted to try.#5) Get a workout partnerIf you have trouble sticking with someone, committing to exercise with someone can be effective for getting you to stick with it.#6) Eat natural foodsYour food selection plays a huge role in how you feel. In general, raw foods are the way to go. This is because they are the easiest for the body to digest, and generally contain the most nutrients.That’s why raw fruits and vegetables should be the staple of your diet. Make sure to eat vegetables raw. Many people cook them, but they lose most of their nutrients when you do this.#7) Get more fresh airCrack open a window at the office. Exercise outside if you can. The more fresh air you get, the better you will feel.#8) Get eight hours of sleep a nightThis makes a huge difference in your overall energy level. Many people operate on six hours or less. However, you will notice a huge difference in how you feel when you get more sleep.#9) Avoid medicationsJust about every prescription drug has harsh chemicals which cause serious side effects.The bottom line: your health is not dependent on luck or genetics, as many people falsely believe. The vast majority of health problems people experience can be cured by simple diet and exercise changes. Implement these nine health and fitness tips, and you will see a huge difference in your overall health and vitality very shortly.