3 Steps to Help You Choose a Travel Agent

Planning an overseas holiday can be challenging, especially for the first time travellers and also many seasoned travellers. Your travel agent can be of great assistance in all facets of travel. Here are there steps and the things to do to get your travel agent on the road to creating the best value holiday possible.1. Make a list of your dream holidayWhen do I want to travel? Choose a range of dates if possible as there might be some “deals” available. Ask about the peak and off-peak times.How long do I want to travel? Flexibility may be beneficial.Where would I like to go? Be precise if you know, otherwise list the types of activities that you with to take part in.Who is going with me? List all the people, full names (as shown in the passports) and birth dates.How much am I willing to pay? (be realistic)Who do I want to fly with? (and Who do I not want to fly with?)What type of accommodation do I want? (hotel, apartment, etc.)What quality of accommodation do I want? (3, 4, 5 star)What kind of tours interest me? (adventure, culture, art, etc,)What means of in-country transport do I want? (hire car, train, bus, flight, walk)2. Choose a travel consultant either online or shop-front and share you dream holiday.In choosing a travel agent look for someone:Who you can relate to. You will be sharing personal information.Who listens and understands your needs, then meets/exceeds them, so that you get the holiday that you want.Who offers contact methods that suit you both in method and timing.Who researches your requests. No one knows everything, so find someone who will find out anything that is unusual in your request.Who answers your questions properly and clearly,so that you can understand them.Who looks for ways to give you great value. These could be add-ons, inclusions, lower prices better experiences, etc.Who explains insurance matters and encourages you to do independent research.Who will combine components for better value.Who explains travel risks and a mitigation approach, especially if you are traveling to an unfamiliar destination. It is sometimes good to ask about the consultants experiences in that country.3. Making the booking with the travel consultant:Make sure you understand the offer (and the fine-print)Check about additional services and costs on the tourClarify anything that you are not sure aboutAsk about continued availabilityAsk what to do if something goes wrongThat is it. Understand what you want, convey the information to the travel consultant and confirm that all is well.Then go and enjoy the holiday and don’t forget to thank the travel consultant when it is all over.